About Us

About us

We are your complete construction solution

We proudly serve all of Texas and beyond, and can respond to all levels of need, whether it’s a small construction build to larger projects. Our capabilities and expertise go hand in hand to address the most complex problems in your construction projects.

G2’s reputation is a non-negotiable. We give you our best, whether in the commercial or residential realm. The sacrifices we made in order to build the company from scratch is still evident in each of our team member’s dedication, skill, and high level of professionalism.

G2’s client base continues to increase, and includes high-profile entities such as Raytheon - to municipal organizations like Collin College. Upper management weighs in daily on G2 team activities, guaranteeing quality craftmanship, offering superior customer service, as well as unity in decision making and execution of services.

Mission Statement

G2 is passionately committed to deliver the highest quality construction experience every time.

Vision Statement

G2's vision is to be the premier provider of sound construction principles & practices to our clients.


As professional contractors, we model the values of firefighters and emergency response personnel, and we are there to protect you and your commercial property.


OUR team

Andy Griffin
Greg Rice
Mason Kuehl
Tony Morrison
General Manager
Austin McLaughlin
Project Manager
Garette Griffin
Junior Project Manager
Marcus Wofford
Senior Superintendent
Bryce Adger
Project Manager
James Rice
Safety Supervisor
Kim Nixon
Accountant / Office Manager
LeAnn Kirk
Human Resources
Bill Porter
Payton Griffin
Bruce Leppert
Caleb Morrison