Commercial roofing

As a fully insured organization, we work hard for our clients so disruption to daily operations is
minimal and roofing systems are completed and done correctly the first time. We always
inspect each roof area independently and assess relevant factors such as roof slope, foot
traffic, insurance requirements, wind and fire resistance, and building codes, so you will have
the best customized roofing solution to fit your needs.

This process includes:

  • Scheduling: A G2 General Contractors member will conduct a thorough analysis of
    your facility or location.
  • Documentation: This analysis will include measurements, photos, and
    documentation of the existing scene.
  • Analysis: This data will provide for a complete report, including all details, roof plans
    and photos. This is a comprehensive report that covers EVERYTHING for your
    commercial roof and a complete plan of action.
  • Insurance: We work alongside your insurance company to resolve your claims.